Blue Spill designed motion sequences for Guy Richie’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Initially we came on board for two sequences, which was later extended to three.

Our key focus were two split screen sequences within the film, which were around three minutes in length. Inspired by the iconic 1960’s split screen style, we also looked to modernise the sequences, and push the style further.

The sequences in the film detail complex effects driven narrative, so while we had some freedom to experiment with timings and positionings of shots, we worked closely with editor James Herbert, VFX supervisor Richard Bain, VFX Producer Sarah Tulloch and VFX editor Steve Pang to clarify narrative points.

Our finished work was delivered to the London based online as 2K DPX with RGB passes for the grade. Our team used both Smoke and After Effects for the design and animation, and then headed back to Smoke for the finish. Sequence


credits were 

VFX Supervisor
Richard Bain

VFX Producer
Sarah Tulloch

VFX Editor
Steve Pang

Blue Spill Digital Effects Artists
Anthony Brownmoore
Allison Brownmoore

Joe Nowacki