Blue Spill provides a breath of fresh air on new free dive Doc.

Blue Spill descend to astounding depths with Laura McGann and Robert Ford, to what Italian free diving champion Alessia Zecchini describes as the last quiet place on Earth; this feature documentary follows the story of free diver Alessi, as she attempts to set a new world record in free diving. 

Centred around the Blue Hole in Egypt’s southern coastal town of Dahab where this dangerous and extreme sport takes place. Alessia forms a close bond with Stephen Keenan, training with him to make an attempt on the legendary Blue Hole and its challenging 85 foot long tunnel, 184 feet below the Red Sea.

We at Blue Spill were honoured to come on board and help explore this intriguing, heartfelt story. Designing all the film’s text elements, including location and character lower thirds as well as animated title card.

We delivered all text elements for the show in UHD using an ACES workflow in Adobe After Effects.

Blue Spill Credits:

GFX Supervisor
Ant Brownmoore

Design Director
Joe Nowacki

Creative Producer
Elliot Mander

Linda Scerpella
Joseph Frascina

Post Production Co-ordinator
Daniel Fisher