Emanuela Orlandi vanished after a music lesson on June 22nd 1983

Blue Spill were excited to jump on board again with director Mark Lewis (Don’t F***k with Cats), Editor Joe Carey (Lady Boss) and Raw for the new documentary; Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi.

image copyright Netflix
image copyright Netflix

The case of Emanuela Orlandi is not the simple story of the disapperance of one girl…it’s much more; and to get viewers engaged in the mystery, conspiracy and Dan-Brown esc true story of the documentary; we created the title sequence to outline the key plot points of the series- from kidnapping, to murder and even the mafia. 

Vatican Girl Episode 1 logo - Image copyright Netflix

We worked very closely with Mark and Joe to achieve the overall look and design of the graphic elements, which needed to feel impactful and unique to the show. We created an elegant but strong Vatican theme mixed in with a Leonardo DiVince style sketches for all of our title cards and key expression moments throughout the series.

Each episode was given its own unique emblem design to give a hint at what this episodes story will contain.

image copyright Netflix

Throughout the series we had several phone transcripts in addition to the title cards and key expression moments where lines, established in the title sequence, would draw around key items and objects in the scene and highlight key pieces of spoken text. 

Blue Spill delivered over 70 GFX shots/sequences for both Italian and English versions of the series in 4K using an HDR ACES workflow in Adobe After Effects & Autodesk Flame.

image copyright Netflix

Blue Spill Credits:

Design Supervisor and Flame Artist
Ant Brownmoore

Design Director
Joe Nowacki

Creative Producer
Elliot Mander

Linda Scerpella
Joseph Frascina

Post Production Assistant
Daniel Fisher