Blue Spill delivers 50 graphics + visual effects for Daniel Gordon’s BAFTA winning and Emmy nominated documentary on the Hillsborough disaster.

Due to the ongoing inquest, the film has been in a two year holding pattern – and now that the inquests are finally over, the film can be shown in the UK.

Having worked with Dan previously (Victoria Pendleton, 9.79*, I Scored A Goal), we came on board during the later stages of the London based edit to provide an array of graphics and visual effects. Working with a mixture of still photography, archive  footage and green screen re-constructions; we established a visual style for the film, consistent with the powerful nature of the story.

With a team of four, led by Allison and Anthony, assisted by Joe Nowacki and Craig Reeves, we were able to deliver fifty shots within a few weeks. It’s an incredibly powerful film which we are very honoured to have been able to contribute to.