Blue Spill were very excited to work on the motion picture of one of football’s most iconic manager’s, Alex Ferguson.

The film is reflective journey of monumental moments throughout Ferguson’s life, on and off the pitch and set against the backdrop of Ferguson’s brain haemorrhage, which he suffered in 2018.

Blue Spill Worked closely with director Jason Ferguson to create over fifty graphic sequences as well as the Title design for the film.

Ranging from diary treatments, animated brain scans and all lower thirds and text elements. It was important for us to find a visual language that didn’t over complicate the graphics and which could be used universally in balancing between moments of celebration and success as well as the more traumatic, sensitive and reflective moments of Ferguson’s life.

Our aesthetic consisted of a soft, warm colour palette, which evoked an intimate, atmospheric environment for our diary pages and scans to sit in. Allowing us to animate energy into the sequences if required.

We used an Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Flame based work flow to achieve these graphics.

Blue Spill Credits


Design Director

Allison Brownmoore

Flame Artist

Anthony Brownmoore


Joe Nowacki

Linda Scerpella

Kevin Smy

Xanthe Bodington

Patrick Nethercoat

Perry Randall

Post Production Team

Lucy Beavis

James Edwards