The Deepest Breath

Blue Spill descend to astounding depths with Laura McGann and Robert Ford, to what Italian free diving champion Alessia Zecchini describes as the last quiet place on Earth; this feature documentary follows the story of free diver Alessi, as she attempts to set a new world record in free diving. 

Super Greed I The Fight For Football

Blue Spill were beyond thrilled to work for the second time with director Carl Hindmarch to tell the dramatic and very recent story of the European Super League where, in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, owners and executives of the 12 most powerful clubs in world football attempted to join forces in a brazen power grab which broke away from centuries of sporting tradition to launch a brand new competition that would secure their club’s futures for decades to come.

Maradona I The Fall

Blue Spill returns to work with Emmy Award-winning director, Angus McQueen (Ronachan Films) on ‘Maradona: The Fall’ our second collaboration on this subject! The film explores the story behind Diego Maradona and how he was thrown out of the USA FIFA World Cup after failing a post-match drugs test, exploring the build-up and aftermath of one of the most notorious moments in sport with interviews from the characters at the centre of the drama.