Blue Spill designed the title sequence and in episode graphics for 8 part series, The Traffickers. Executive produced by Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn and Sam Collyns, the investigative series follows the illegal trades of precious minerals, counterfeit drugs and endangered species around the globe.

We developed the series aesthetic with an initial exploration of the title sequence, the design of which then informed the in episode graphical sequences. The network and series producers were interested in the idea of representing the underground illegal trade movement as light. Their specific instruction was to implement light streaks, so we spent some time developing an aesthetic which would honour this while still feeling  thoughtful and contemporary. We developed a narrative of light and dark contrast, where the viewer is taken on a global journey of interactions and exchanges, aware of movement but unsure of what is being trafficked and by whom. The grade was developed in Flame, where we looked to invoke an abrasive feel to the images.

The series is currently airing on US network Fusion. It was produced by Lightbox, the production company founded by Simon Chinn, who won Oscars for the feature documentaries Man On Wire and Searching For Sugar Man, and Jonathan Chinn, an Emmy winner for American High.

Sequence credits:


Title Sequence

Blue Spill

Design Director
Allison Brownmoore

Flame Artist
Anthony Brownmoore

Motion Designers
Joe Nowacki