We became involved in Squads early in the edit, and worked closely with the team to conceptualise a range of in-film sequences. The film looks at the way businesses are adopting new organizational models to better enable teams to move fast and innovate. We working closely with directors, Ben Goldman and Dan Cowen (Design Disruptors) from their NY based edit.

These sequences involved full 2D animation sequences, with a group of characters we had developed alongside the team. The characters involved a mixture of hand drawn elements and vector art, which was then animated with Duik in After Effects.  We worked with a team of animators, both in-house and remote, to execute the sequences.

Dan and Ben were interested in characters which felt interesting and organic, where gender was immaterial but a sense of fluidity was paramount. We also developed a unique world they lived within, which reflected the key themes of the film.

Squads is pending release, delayed by CV19, and we'll be explaining further about the film and our involvement post release. And sharing our animated sequences also! 

We were really excited to work on this project, it was a lot of fun and we're looking forward to seeing it head into the wider sphere!