Current Projects

Untitled | Director: Fisher Stevens, Producer: Leonardo DiCaprio
Untitled | 6 Part series, Discovery. Exec Producers: Steven Speilberg and Alex Gibney
Untitled Weinstein Film | Director: Ursula Macfarlane, Producer: Simon Chinn. BBC
Untitled | Director: Alex Gibney, Producer: Erin Edeiken
Untitled | Director: Ross Kauffman, Producer: Zara Duffy, Fisher Stevens
La Venus | X Japan music video, Directors: Stephan Kijak and Blue Spill. Passion Pictures
Untitled | 6 Part series, October Films
Rewind | Director: Sasha Joseph Neulinger
Dog Doc | Director: Cindy Meehl, Producer: Alice Henty

Woodstock  | Director: Barak Goodman. PBS

Serendipity | Director: Prune Nourry, Producer: Alastair Siddons

  • Our year in review: 2018
  • Eric nominated for "Best Music Film" Grammy
  • Wanderlust on BBC
  • Vivienne Westwood in cinemas
  • Take Your Pills hits Netflix
  • Blue Spill designs three films SXSW 2018
  • Blue Spill designs two films premiering Sundance 2018
  • Eric Clapton in Cinemas 12th Jan
  • Allison judges Motionographer Awards
  • Blue Spill wins RTS Award
  • Blue Spill at the Griersons
  • Blue Spill nominated for RTS NW Craft Award!
  • Two films in Toronto International Film Festival
  • Blue Spill celebrates win at BAFTAs
  • Women in VFX Panel
  • Allison featured on "Ten Women in Title Design 2017"
  • Blue Spill attends Sundance for their 13th Sundance Film
  • Tina and Bobby
  • Assassin's Creed
  • 2016: Our year in review
  • RTS Craft Award for 'Cradle to Grave'
  • Three films at DOC NYC
  • Louis Theroux in Cinemas
  • Two Films in London Film Festival
  • Ken Loach now in cinemas
  • Blue Spill featured on Art of the Title!
  • 3 Films at Sheffield Doc Fest!
  • Hillsborough Documentary on BBC2
  • We won! SXSW Film Design Award; Excellence in Title Design Audience Award
  • We're nominated for SXSW Excellence in Title Design
  • "We Are X" premieres Sundance!
  • Our Year in Review!
  • Blue Spill delivers 50 VFX shots for BBC1's Professor Branestawm
  • Blue Spill panellists for DOCNYC Animation and Graphics Masterclass
  • Blue Spill now with Flame
  • Blue Spill's title sequence on Title Design Project
  • Listen to Me Marlon opens in UK cinemas
  • We're heading to DOC NYC
  • BBC's Cradle to Grave: VFX
  • Splitting Screens for The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
  • Two Films in London Film Festival
  • Indian Point at Tribeca Film Festival 2015
  • JACO premieres SXSW 2015
  • Two films at Sundance 2015
  • Backstreet's Back
  • Baby P: The Untold Story
  • I AM ALI premieres NY
  • National Geographic's American War Generals
  • Cilla VFX
  • Four films at Sheffield Doc/Fest
  • SXSW 2014
  • God Loves Uganda Shortlisted for Academy Award
  • Muscle Shoals in UK Cinemas
  • Manhunt wins Emmy + Screens @ London Film Festival
  • 12.12.12 film premieres at TIFF
  • Bond, James Bond.
  • Glastonbury 2013 screens Muscle Shoals
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013
  • Two Films in Sundance London
  • What happens in vegas, stays in vegas...
  • NAB 2013
  • BBC Panorama
  • Four Films in Sundance 2013